Ben Stolin

Senior Technical Support Specialist

Specializing in Customer Service, Technical Support and Software Development
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Senior Technical Support Specialist

Mission Control NOC and Helpdesk

Deliver independent, fast-paced technical support to clients at various support levels.

Utilize current PSA and RMM systems to support and manage clients with Addigy, Autotak, Barracuda RMM, ConnectWise, Datto RMM, Kaseya, Labtech, Ninja RMM, N-Able and Syncro MSP.

Quickly review and create concise digital documentation utilizing tools such as Confluence, Hudu, ITGlue, OneNote and Passportal.

Respond to technical alert notifications on client's servers and network appliances. Running modern operating systems, including macOS Server, Hyper-V, VMWare ESXi and Windows Server.

Maintain and apply changes to G Suite, Office 365, Exchange, Azure Active Directory, DNS and DHCP servers.

Work with disaster recovery and backup technologies such as Acronis, BackupExec, Datto and Windows Server Backup (VSS).

Manage company wide antivirus, antispam and firewall technologies with AutoElevate, Barracuda, BitDefender, Cisco, FortiNet, Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection, Mimecast, Proofpoint, Sentinel One, Sophos, SonicWall, Trend Micro, ThreatLocker and WebRoot.

Provide technical support services to Servers, Network Appliances such as commercial-grade uninterruptible power supplies, firewalls, switches, routers and end users.

Investigate offline alerts to resolve issues with commercial and personal routers, VPNs, DNS and DHCP servers.

Support users with a variety of tools offering limited and exhaustive documentation for VOIP, Security, Remote Connectivity and Productivity applications. This includes Acrobat, AbelDent, BlueBeam, Excel, Revit, Sage, Salesforce, SmartViewer, Teams, Outlook, Word, QuickBooks and Zoom, running on Windows and macOS operating systems.

Senior Mechanical and Computer Technician

Dent-X Canada

Frequently recognized for successfully taking on new challenges.

Resolve faults in electrical, pneumatic, and mechanical components.

Repair and redesign equipment to improve compatibility and reliability.

Quickly troubleshoot and resolve technical issues with high speed production equipment.

Utilize advanced knowledge of CAD software and 3D printing to design and print replacement components.

Manage Installation of TVs, Computers, X-Ray and Networking equipment.

Troubleshoot and resolve hardware, software, and network issues.

Provide outstanding over the phone, remote and on-site support.

Deploying Windows 10 and Windows Server on new computers.

Migrating SQL Servers, Legacy Software and User Profiles.

Office Administration and Technical Support

Complete Healthcare Supplies

Recognized for exceptional customer support via phone and email inquiries.

IT Support assistance with software, hardware and networking issues.

Optimized data collection, entry, quote and invoice generation.

Website maintenance, product updates and SEO optimization.

Inventory Tracking and Management.

Designed, Developed and Published Personal Website using HTML and CSS

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